W E L C O M E to Idiyalista, here you’ll find handmade goods designed to be functional,  beautiful but above all to make people H A P P Y! 

Each collection is dedicated to a product that is planned and made carefully to ensure it´s functionality and beauty. We are detailed in all stages of our product’s production, from the first sketch on paper until they reach our customer.

B A G S    &    A C C E S S O R I E S are what we love to do, and that's what you'll find in our store, but....  as an artisan shop, Idiyalista offers products that are developed because we consider them pertinent, regardless of their category. So, do not be surprised if you suddenly find in our store a collection that does not resemble any other.

Also, do not be surprised if some of our bags are a unique model. We make sure that some of our products are unique and unrepeatable. After all, this is one of the beauties of handmade pieces.

Hope you love what we have!

T H A N K S    F O R    S T O P P I N G    BY.


A B O U T    M E:

I’m Dina, an architect who loves design pieces and produce them with my own hands.

Restless and curious by nature, I like to explore materials, whether wood, cement or simply needle and threads.

I like to build pieces of various materials for most purposes. The challenges I put in my projects are solved through drawing. I always try to make pieces that combine form and function.

The idea for a new project comes when something inspires me or when I find a solution to some need that arises. I like to create pieces that solve my day-to-day needs. Whenever I can I try to reduce my resources using recycled materials to my projects.