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The kit consists of

- Pocket for mother's instructions note or for tampons (for the following times), 
- Pocket for a sanitary bag,
- Pocket for intimate wipes,
- Pocket for a pair of clean underwear,
- Pocket for sanitary towels,
- Pocket for painkillers, 

When in use the kit is hung on the door handle or door hanger of the bathroom. This way your hands are free and you avoid placing the kit in less clean places or where it may fall.


- Folded: 12cm x 12xm (4.7" x 4.7 ") ; 
- Opened: 12cm x 48cm (18.9" x 4.7").

The Kit includes:

- Instructions note,
- 1 sanitary bag,
- 1 intimate wipe,
- 1 sanitary towel.

Machine wash or hand wash in cold and tumble dry on low. Iron as needed.

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